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Web content, tone of voice and expert consultancy

I’ve been writing, managing and editing digital content for 17 years, first as an online journalist and then a web editor, digital copywriter and consultant. I've written just about every kind of content for every type of website and audience. I'm a digital native used to working alongside UX, SEO, design and development experts, engaging with stakeholders at all levels and leading content projects and teams.

I love to help start-ups, non-profits and small businesses to make a big impact on the web and I'll offer flexible rates to suit your budget.


Whether you're a start-up launching your first website, an agency looking for a freelancer or a large organisation embarking on an epic web  project, my versatile skills and experience will make sure you get your content right, first time. 



What I can do for you



Recent projects

Targeted messaging to reach multiple audience groups: Pearson Qualifications


I created or rewrote much of the higher level content for a flagship Pearson website, Pearson Qualifications, working persuasively yet diplomatically with senior stakeholders to streamline unnecessary content and transform old-fashioned, confusing language into a new, direct and contemporary tone of voice.


My copy successfully engaged diverse audience groups and delivered Pearson's objectives within strict UX and SEO parameters, while my communications helped to keep partners, the public and Pearson staff informed and positive about the new site. 

​Demystifying jargon to boost customer confidence: Webcredible


Webcredible is an award-winning user experience (UX) agency with a team of technical and design experts. I interviewed every team member, from the SEO to support staff, about their experience, talents and disciplines, then I wrote a series of profiles customised for different audiences and objectives.


I wrote short, punchy profiles for the Webcredible website and LinkedIn, crafting longer biographies for client proposals and presentations, emphasising what each person could uniquely offer to a Webcredible customer. I translated technical CVs and skill sets into simple, everyday language that any potential customer could undersand and appreciate.

Revitalising content marketing for Vonage UK: The Vonage Blog

I created a content strategy to refresh and revitalise the Vonage Blog, creating a new style and tone of voice for blog posts to help cloud-based communications provider Vonage UK to widen their reach, authority and brand awareness in their small and home business (SOHO) market. I commissioned other blog contributors and designers (e.g. for infographics and video) and developed story topics that engaged our audience (which sat between B2C and B2B) while motivating them to discover Vonage solutions.


Content audit and review

How's your content doing? Is it engaging and well-written, or dull and full of typos? Is it meeting your objectives, driving sales and boosting search rankings? I'll quickly review your website, give you an expert opinion and a practical plan to improve.

Content planning

When should you blog and when should you video? What's the best way to engage your audience? How often should you publish content and how? Social media, web, podcasts? I'll tailor a content plan to suit your goals and budget. 

I write, edit and commission every kind of content from the functional to the creative, from 'About us' to persuasive product and services copy, news, banner ads, blogs, profiles, interviews, feature articles, video and audio content.

Copywriting and editing

How do you speak to your customers? I'm a wordsmith who analyses every nuance of tone, style and language. I'll create or refresh your brand voice, so you can cut through the noise and reach your audience with clear, simple messages.

Tone of voice
Content migration and refresh

I've managed and implemented several content migration projects from an old to a new website, often using several content management systems (CMS). I can help you plan and execute a seamless, painless transition.

Content strategy

Is your content working hard enough? I'll help you build a content strategy that fills every content gap, beats your competitors, maximises your SEO potential and reaches your audience on every channel, from social to YouTube.