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Content marketing: thought leadership and blogs

I’ve been writing news, features and blog content since 2000, when I became a business & technology journalist for B2B news website Total Telecom. Writing daily news taught me how to tell an accurate, entertaining story very quickly. As a reporter and then a freelance journalist, I learned the tools of my trade: meticulous research, interviewing, how to ask the right questions, how to write for your audience and, most importantly, how to find a story. Whatever I write, the story always comes first.

While my journalism background is in B2B technology, business and telecoms, I’ve since specialised in a range of subjects for  B2C and B2B audiences, including small business advice, digital marketing and consumer health.

Recent projects and writing samples

B2B and B2C: The Vonage Blog


I wrote a long series of blog posts for cloud-based communications provider Vonage UK, aimed at their small and home business market. I got up to speed on key issues affecting UK small businesses, from new entrepreneurs to growing concerns.

I edited the Vonage Blog for a year, creating a new style and tone of voice for blog posts to help deliver Vonage's content marketing strategy. I commissioned other blog contributors and designers (e.g. for infographics) and developed story topics that engaged our audience (which sat between consumer and B2B) while motivating them to discover Vonage solutions.

Some of these posts are archived versions due to technical issues with the live Vonage blog:

How to write a great business plan (infographic)

Six ways to grow your small business

How to turn your idea into a successful business


B2B and B2C: Vonage small business video tips from Tim Campbell MBE

I used my journalism skills to devise a series of YouTube advice videos that boosted the Vonage brand in a wider small business market. The videos were presented by business champion and The Apprentice winner Tim Campbell. I worked with Tim and Vonage to create topics that aligned Vonage’s core messages with Tim’s own interests and expertise, then I interviewed Tim off-camera during the shoot, so he could be authentic and naturally charismatic, which produced highly engaging results.

YouTube: Small business tips from Tim Campbell MBE

B2C: 'How to sleep' blog

I wrote a series of high quality consumer health blog posts for one of the world’s leading mattress brands, on the subject of getting a good night’s sleep, for the Nordic market. I researched issues preventing a healthy sleep, such as snoring, night sweats, diet and lifestyle, then localised the articles with references to their target countries and locally available products.


These articles aren’t yet online, but please get in touch and I'll send samples on request.

B2C: How new legislation affects smokers 

I wrote an editorial piece for Johnson & Johnson, intended to give smokers and potential consumers of Nicorette products a quick overview of how new European legislation affects the sale and advertising of tobacco products in the UK.


This article isn't yet online, but please get in touch and I'll send a sample on request.  


B2B: Ghost-written articles and blog posts for Reprise Media UK


I worked with search marketing agency Reprise Media UK to write articles and blog posts that positioned their executives and technical wizards as thought leaders. They're real specialists, so I had to quickly understand their language and ask the right questions, then translate their expertise and passion into authoritative yet accessible stories for potential customers.

How to reach your audience with content: Go native

Search and social: A marriage made in heaven?

Google voice search and SEO

How to have a perfect PPC Christmas


B2B: Ghost-written blog posts for Vonage UK

I worked with Vonage UK's marketing team to write small business advice articles that positioned their executives as thought leaders and developed their brand's authority in the small and home business market.

These are archived web pages as the original content is no longer live:

Seven ways to be more productive when starting a business

A small business guide to digital marketing on a shoestring